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Improving the Blue - Part 3 of a series

In "Improving the blue" we look at potential defensemen that the Edmonton Oilers might be interested in. Edmonton's need on defense is obvious and will be a major priority for new GM Peter Chiarelli. We earlier examined Mike Green and Brent Burns.

Today we look at Dan Boyle of the New York Rangers.

The New York Rangers are going to be caught in cap hell when their season eventually comes to a close. Whether they win the Stanley Cup or are eliminated right away, Glen Sather and the Rangers will have to shed some bucks and it appears that Dan Boyle may be the eventual salary dump. The New York Rangers like him, but he's simply getting too old and too slow compared to some of the other defensmen that the Rangers employ.

I'm not sure that the regression that's happening in Boyle's game is a good fit for the Oilers, or his contract, but there are a couple things that might make him an option.

First, (as the picture above shows), he has history with Todd McLellan. The Oilers current coach would know Boyle and what he can do almost better than anyone. Perhaps McLellan thinks Boyle still has something in the tank and with only one year remaining on a $4.5 million dollar contract, he's not a terrible risk.

Second, that risk comes with some upside. Even if Boyle isn't as fast as he once was, he's shown in the playoffs an ability to log some serious minutes when most thought he couldn't. He's a veteran, which the Oilers can use and he can quarterback a power play better than most.

Third, he shouldn't cost a lot of assets to obtain. The Rangers are looking for a salary dump and this would help them tremendously. That has value. Enough value perhaps, that a later pick and a prospect could get it done.

Could the Oilers work on a bigger trade, getting both Cam Talbot and Dan Boyle? Maybe. It's something at least to consider if I'm Chiarelli. Make a call, see what comes of it. 

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