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Improving the blue - Part 1 of a series

It's no secret the Edmonton Oilers need to improve in front of their net-minder if there's any hope at all of moving out of a lottery position on draft day. GM Peter Chiarelli has already identified Edmonton's weakness on defence and Chiarelli seems a man of action. What kind of action might he take?

First, there are UFA's on the market that he might pursue come July 1. Whether many of them are a good idea or not would be up for much debate.

Mike Green 

Mike Green is a player I'd target out of Washington. He's young enough, saw a resurgence this past season and is the kind of player who can run a power-play. The Oilers were hoping to have that kind of player in Justin Schultz, but to date, Schultz hasn't lived up to expectations.

 Green has the potential to be somewhere in between his 35-45 point seasons of the past couple years and the 70-75 point seasons he put up in 2008-2010. He might just be the type of project Todd McLellan can mold into a top pairing player. With Washington's excess of d-men, perhaps they choose not to pay the $5 plus million Green will fetch on the open-market.

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