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Todd McLellan named new head coach of the Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers finally let the worst kept secret out of the bag. Of the many big candidates available for coaching in the NHL, the Oilers grabbed and signed one of the key players in Todd McLellan and introduced him to Edmonton fans and media today.

After being an assistant in Detroit and earning a Stanley Cup, McLellan went on to spend seven seasons with the San Jose Sharks and most recently cites a winning and dominant performance as coach at the World's on his resume where team Canada won a gold with two players from the Oilers current squad - Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall, both of whom played significant roles.

McLellan is known for a fast-paced, offensively sound team with a high-end power-play. Edmonton has some offensive weapons. Chairelli cited McLellan taking veteran and young players, mixing them with elite, skilled players and getting the best out of them. "his level of energy and level of thinking really impressed me." when asked by Ryan Rishaug about why McLellan was the top choice for the Oilers. Chiarelli and McLellan both seem to agree that it will be more about playing harder with the current sqaud than it will be flipping most of the roster.

Along with being from western Canada, McLellan cited his time with Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall as reasons for his choosing Edmonton. He's also had plenty of time to think about what it will be like to coach incoming Connor McDavid.

Noted that he'll need to help McDavid get used to the transition of moving to the NHL, McLennan says that the world in junior is different and that there will be a lot of pressure on McDavid, but that he will be supported along the way by the coaching staff and organization.

The Oilers are starting with a clean slate and fresh perspective. McLellan will be the main messenger, but the two - Chiarelli and McLellan will need to work together to find the best solution for this young Oilers team moving forward. They bring a stability to the Oilers that Edmonton hasn't seen in years.

McLellan is calm, respectful, personable and perhaps most importantly, a veteran coach who will be provided immediate respect, which he appears to already have from two of Edmonton's top stars in Eberle and Hall. They now know what it feels like to win and they do so with their new coach.

Bob Nicholson expressed more change throughout the organization on the horizon, but for fans, next up is the NHL combine and then the NHL draft, where Edmonton will watch and then select McDavid. The Oilers also have a number of other picks in a deep draft, including the 16th overall selection which could be in play to other teams to help improve the Oilers defence.

For now, fans will stay excited and speculation will begin in terms of what happens with former Oiler coach Todd Nelson. Will he stay? Is he gone? Is McLellan wanting to keep him around? McLellan stated no announcements are on the immediate horizon.

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  1. I took a lot of things from that press conference, but above all else, I get the sense that McLellan is more a players coach and the right fit for the Oilers current roster.