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Oilers Results from the 2015 Draft and Grades

Cam Talbot - A-

It appears as though the Edmonton Oilers have their goalie tandem for the 2015 -2016 season. Chiarelli made what is being referred to by most experts as a shrewd trade to get the best goalie available by trade at this years NHL entry draft in Cam Talbot.

I agree. Calbot was Chiarelli's initial target, he read the market properly and waited until he got the goalie he wanted at a price that he deemed reasonable.

Cam Talbot hasn't had a lot of time to show what he's capable of in the NHL, and for this reason I gave an A-, but what Calbot has showed in around 70 games over two seasons has been impressive. He's a smart bet.

Another potential knock is that Talbot has only one year left on his current contract and may choose to test the market at the end of this season. But I don't see this as a reason for major concern. The Oilers didn't overpay by giving up three picks to obtain him and he play well - and he will get the opportunity - he'll either be offered a good contract by the Oilers or moved at the deadline for a potentially bigger return that what was paid at the draft today.

Most fans see this move as I do - a smart gamble with huge potential upside.

Griffin Reinhart - B-

In contrast, Chiarelli also made a bold move. A bold move is what Oiler fans had longed for under the Mac-T regime and frankly what he'd promised, but didn't deliver on. Chiarelli was able to go bold in his first trade ever as GM and traded two decent picks in a deep draft for a maybe in Griffin Reinhart.

Some fans have called this too big a gamble, having forgotten they'd criticized MacTavish for failing to make moves that could improve the team now. I believe, as some others do, that Reinhart is going to over-deliver. He's only one step away from playing significant time in the NHL, he was buried in a strong defensive pool on with the Islanders and he's got a chance to do well here in Edmonton. He's the type of leader that will make the most of his opportunity.

That said, there is a chance he doesn't translate as well in the NHL and with the Edmonton Oilers. Perhaps he doesn't pan out as well as the 16th and 33rd pick might have. There is some risk involved here but the time to stop waiting and start acting is now. Chiarelli appears to be acting.

Naysayers will suggest this is just another example of the Oilers taking a player within their system, - on Old Boys Club version II, but when Chiarelli says he knows the player well, has seen him a number of times when he was GM in Boston and had interest in him, I see not reason not to believe Chiarelli.

I like that Edmonton got help now, instead of help in 4 years. McDavid and the rest of the cluster need to see some results and improvement from this club immediately. This helps more than future unknown draft picks do.

Eric Gryba  - C+

Peter Chiarelli also went with one of "his" guys and moved out one of Edmonton's who wasn't panning out in Martin Marincin to grab Eric Gryba from the Senators. The trade wasn't one-for-one, with some moving pieces involving Toronto, but it essentially ended up being Travis Ewanyk and Martin Marincin out and Eric Gryba and Brad Ross in.

This one appears to be lopsided in that many fans are thinking, why the hell would you trade a former 2nd round pick with years of pro training in Marincin and only for a depth defender. The answer is simple. Marincin was in hard to make the Oilers team this season and he wasn't performing. Eric Gryba gives you reliable depth defense.

I don't believe the Oilers are done with their efforts to add defencemen and Gryba is a physical, hard-nose player which the new GM wants. He'll do no more than play a bottom-six role and Edmonton now has a glut of bottom-six blue.

For those stuck on thr Brad Ross factor, forget Brad Ross as part of the trade. He's irrelevant and signed in Europe. He'll never be a part of the Oilers and that's not why the trade was made. His inclusion was a sheer paperwork, number of contracts play. What was important was the pick which Chiarelli flipped to trade for Gryba who he thought was more reliable and more physical.

Beyond the player, this trade also allows flexibility at the end of Gryba's term to keep or move on from his contract when Edmonton needs to spend money on their top end prospects.

I agree with the move, but I don't see it solving many problems.

Not Getting Dougie Hamilton - C

This is tough to grade because it didn't happen and why wasn't Chiarelli's fault - at least not in his control. He tried and made a solid pitch, but Boston was bitter and chose to take a lesser return so as to not trade Hamilton to a former employee.

Boston looks foolish on this all the way around and at least Edmonton tried to capitalize on their stupidity.

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