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Edmonton Oilers Rumors: Tyson Barrie Just Got a Lot More Expensive

Fans in Edmonton are eagerly awaiting the fallout from Tyson Barrie's July 29th arbitration hearing with the Colorado Avalanche. Hanging to a glimmer of hope that things fall apart with the Avs, Barrie is exactly what the Oilers need to round out their blueline this summer. The problem is, the recent signing of Danny Dekeyser in Detroit just made Barrie a lot more expensive an option.

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Danny Dekeyser is a solid, young defenseman who signed a 6-yr, $30 million dollar contract with the Red Wings. Much of that contract is heavily bonus related, but for a player whose has fewer points, plays fewer minutes in an average game and has a little less NHL experience, giving $5 million per season to Dekeyser sets a new bar for the arbitrator in the Barrie case.

Elliotte Friedman has posted that Barrie is asking for a one-year $6 million dollar deal, which would keep him an RFA at the end of the season, while the Avs are looking at two years at $4 and $4.25 respectively. If Colorado can come to terms, it shouldn't surprise anyone if Barrie gets a two-year $5.75 million dollar contract at the least.

In his last three seasons, Dekeyser has 74 points in 223 games. He's averaged around 21:00 minutes per game in that time span. Important to consider is his CF% which has been below 50% in two of those three seasons and his relative CF% rel as low as -5.4%. His zone start times are split pretty evenly between the offensive zone and the defensive zone play. Dekeyser's new contract tells Barrie's arbitrator this kind of production is worth $5 million per year over the long-term.

The Barrie / Dekeyser Comparison

Barrie, in the same three seasons, has almost twice the offensive production with 140 points in 222 games. In the NHL, points get paid. He also averages around 22:00 minutes per game. His CF% hovers between 46% and 50%, but his CF% rel is a positive 2.0-3.9. Barrie clearly shifts the play offensively in a way that Dekeyser does not. Still, while Barrie receives a shade more, Barrie just isn't handed offensive zone starts. Therefore, if Dekeyser is worth $5 million per, Barrie has to be worth at least one to two million more.

It's an interesting comparison and Barrie's camp will surely use it as a starting point in negotiations. While the Avs seem to want people to believe that Barrie isn't a top-flight blueliner, he is. He'll clearly be paid like one now as the bar is set. The fact that he's only asking for one year at $6 million is a blessing for the Avs that they should take and thank their lucky stars.

Oilers Should Be Careful

If the Oilers are in fact waiting for the other shoe to drop, they need to be cautious. Signing or trading for Tyson Barrie isn't a simple thing to do, even if the player wants to come here. Bring in Barrie means moving someone out. 

I've written some other pieces on how signing a player like Barrie will affect the Oilers draft protection in 2017 and knowing that Barrie is virtually guaranteed a long-term contract in the $5-$6 million range makes considering the ramifications of bringing him in even more critical to consider.

For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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