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Patrick Roy Steps Down as Coach of the Avs

While it isn't necessarily Edmonton Oilers news related, it is big news. Patrick Roy has released a statement saying he's leaving the Colorado Avalanche as head coach and VP of Operations. A statement from the Avs was later release wishing Roy the best and thanking him for his time. They will being a search for a new head coach immediately.

Patrick Roy was an interesting character in the NHL and it carried over to his time in the NHL as a coach and in management. There was always speculation that he had, or at least wanted, a ton of input on player and personnel decisions and his opinions didn't always line up with behind-the-scenes boss Joe Sakic.

How it Happened... Allegedly

From having a rocky relationship with Tyson Barrie and Matt Duchene to being vocal on a number of topics, even not speaking at all with Sakic during this summer's free agency period, it makes sense that this move took place. It also explains why a player like Barrie was given a much larger contract than Roy would have liked people to believe he was worth. Really, it boils down to Roy and Sakic having a difference of opinion and Roy losing out.

Pierre LeBrun published a series of tweets after chatting with Roy about his departure.

Edmonton Oilers

There was a time that Colorado and Edmonton were connected in potential trade scenarios. From Barrie to Duchene for Nugent-Hopkins plus, these rumors, were merely only rumors but no less fun to speculate about. It should be assumed; with this change and with Sakic clearly running the helm, rumors like this will likely be put to rest or at the very least slow down.

Will Edmonton and Colorado be trade partners moving forward? Who knows, but without Patrick Roy around, rumors about the Avs, in general, may likely come to a standstill. No one stirred the pot quite like Roy did and no other manager made you think any player was s stones-throw away from being on the outs with an organization.

Patrick Roy in a way made the summer fun for any avid hockey fan. If you paid attention to your team when the season ended, you always had your eyes on your own roster; but kept the corner of one eye looking at the Avs. Right now the Avs focus will be on finding a new head coach so Oiler fans can likely focus squarely on their own roster again.

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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    1. If only we could get the other Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory to post on here too, we'd have the trifecta! If Roy ends up anywhere, it may be Montreal or if Quebec gets an expansion team. I have a feeling though Roy won't be back in the NHL as a head coach for a while. He's too much for a lot of franchises to take on.

    2. You are right about Roy being a character. I always wondered if he was over his head as a coach - especially, when his team went off on a great start during his first year when he won the Jack Adams' award for best coach in the NHL. He seemed to react more with passion than with his head. What do you think the chances are he lands somewhere else?

  2. Farewell Patrick. You will be missed. Where else can the Oilers look for crazy front office decisions to help bolster their own team? Vancouver anyone? Big shoes for Jim Benning to fill but I personally believe he is up to the task. Can you say "Christopher Tanev"?

    1. Jim Benning is definitely on his way to being one of the most talked about GM's in the NHL. Different kind of crazy for a different kind of reason, but no less interesting.


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