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Caggiula Shines, Maroon Strains and Gustavsson Struggles

On Wednesday night, the Oilers lost 5-3 in their third game of the pre-season. In a contest that saw some good and some not-so-good from an Oilers perspective, the Edmonton power play let them down, ultimately costing Edmonton the game. With the exception of one 5-on-3 situation that resulted in a goal, Edmonton was given a ton of opportunities they failed to capitalize on.

The rest of the game was an example of where the Oilers need work. With a roster of more proven NHL talent, on paper, Edmonton should have defeated Vancouver. They didn't and it's clear, the Oilers miss that threat of a point-shot on the man advantage.

Patrick Maroon

It wasn't good to see Maroon go down midway through the third period and there's been no word on the extent of his injury. Early estimates are that it's not a short-term thing.

This type of injury speaks volumes to having the depth required to compete this season. Maroon was going to be a large part of the Oilers left wing solution and if not available, it becomes Lucic, Pouliot, Hendricks and ? It is a good thing that the Oilers can call upon players like Kris Versteeg and a surging Drake Caggiula can take his place if need be.

Drake Caggiula Shines

Speaking of Caggiula. He was the center on the Maroon line and scored two goals in last nights contest. He had a couple opportunities to pot his third and he looks to be gaining more and more confidence as the games roll along.

It appears to me that if Caggiula keeps this up, Edmonton will find a spot for him regardless of injuries, but if players like Maroon go down, Caggiula becomes a lock in the Oilers starting roster.

Jonas Gustavsson

There was no point in the game where Gustavsson looked comfortable in net. It was a much different appearance than his minutes in Calgary where he was much better. He let in two softies from far out (despite a little traffic in front, he needed to be in better position) and another one in close. Then somehow a goal that Vancouver didn't challenge as going in and ultimately didn't count, was another wrap around that, if it had counted, only went in because of poor positioning.

Other Notes

I thought Davidson looked pretty good. A couple giveaways, but at the same time responded well and was in good position. He was playing his off side which is good news for the Oilers who may still need a righty.

I thought Lucic looked slow but effective. Perhaps he's the type of player who needs some time to get warmed up, but my concern is that he may have trouble keeping up to the pace of play McDavid is going to set for the year.

Dillion Simpson has a wicked shot. He used it a couple times and one thing the Oilers may be looking for is a player who can shoot from the point and demonstrates a willingness to try. Brad Hunt gained NHL employment based solely on his ability and willingness to shoot.If a player like Simpson, or Nurse or Reinhart can develop that aspect of their game, it may give them the edge.

Speaking of Reinhart, he was up and down during the game, most notably down. He scored a goal and played some in tight plays on defense, but he was burned to the outside on numerous occasions and if that continues, he'll be sent down to the AHL sooner than later.

Wednesday's game was a learning experience for everyone. The power play needs to improve, there are some players who aren't ready and some players who might earn themselves jobs.

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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  1. I really hope maroon injury isn't too serious otherwise we might rush JP


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