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Draisaitl and Puljujarvi Show Their Moxy

Leon Draisaitl responded to being benched by former Oilers coach and now World Cup European coach Ralph Kreuger, by scoring three goals in a 6-2 beating of the Swedes. It was a performance that showed Draisaitl could respond when challenged.

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Meanwhile, Jesse Puljujarvi showed Oiler management and fans he has nothing but intention to play in the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers this season by dominating the Young Stars game against the Canuck rookies with a two goal and one assist performance. Outside of the two goaltenders, Puljujarvi was clearly the best skater on the ice in that game and his skill was on full display.

This coming season, these two players could see time in Edmonton on the same line. While early, if these respective performances are indication of what Oiler fans can expect, this could have the makings of an extremely dangerous third line.

The Oilers could structure their top line with McDavid flanked by Lucic and Eberle. A second line of Nugent-Hopkins, Pouliot and Versteeg offers a strong two-way presence. A third-line of international players Draisaitl, Puljujarvi and Nail Yakupov could then take on the oppositions weaker third lines. It's rare in the NHL to have three legitimate scoring lines, but the Oilers could be one of the rare exceptions.

There is still lots of time left in pre-season and other performances may change the outlook, but so far, so good. The Oilers have another young stars game tonight against the Calgary Flames and as of this writing, it's unclear if Puljujarvi will again suit up for Edmonton. He will however get another chance in the next couple days to show that his performance against the Canucks wasn't a one-off.

Puljujarvi is an exciting player and from here it's baffling how Columbus passed on him at the number three spot in this past NHL draft. But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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  1. For Jarmos sake, Dubois better be the second coming of mc-Christ....because puljujarvi looks damn good.

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