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EDMONTON OILERS: It's Connor's Team


Yesterday was like reliving a bad break-up. Elliotte Friedman published an article that had every blogger stopping in their tracks and taking a day to write almost exclusively about Taylor Hall and the trade that sent Hall to New Jersey for Adam Larsson. Frankly, people are kind of sick of the subject.

The opinions varied from how the optics of the trade coming to light make the Oilers look less than ideal, to articles citing that no matter the appearance, the Oilers needed to make a change. An NHL franchise can only be so bad for so long before the central figure(s) key to the face of that losing is/are traded or removed from the equation.

Hall was moved for a defenseman that Edmonton badly needed. Hall was also removed to signify a changing of the times.

Players on Board

What matters at the end of the day are two things.

First, are the Oilers a better and more balanced team? Hall was a heck of a player for the Oilers, but in his place now comes Larsson and Milan Lucic as the top-line left-wing. It's hard to argue (even if you don't view the trade as a two-for-one) that Edmonton is not stronger than they were before the trade.

Second, the players seem to be on board. Sure, you can argue that players have to tow-the-line or they risk alienation from management and coaches, but what appears to be going on in Edmonton is more than that. Matt Hendricks, Oscar Klefbom and unnamed Oilers in the Friedman piece all seem to be of the consensus that removing Hall means this team is now McDavid's team and there's not a single person in the organization or player in the locker room who doesn't both understand and fully embrace that fact.

McDavid's Team

He'll be the youngest captain in the NHL, but he's clearly the choice. As teams in the World Cup of Hockey start naming their captains, it should be a matter of only a couple days that McDavid may get the title of captain with team North America and after the tournament ends, named captain of the Edmonton Oilers.

There's no situation in which McDavid gets moved out of Edmonton. He's ready to take the position of captain, his team is ready to accept him in that role and fans are ready to stand behind McDavid as the face of the franchise leading them out of a decade of darkness.

The day McDavid was drafted, it was an unspoken certainty. With the Hall trade, the unspoken truth is now screaming the Oiler's roster, fans and to everyone else, this is now McDavid's team.

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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