This morning Twitter went crazy as one of the most respected media-men in the county laid upon the hockey world a masterpiece of writing with his "23 Minutes that Shook the Hockey World". In my opinion, Elliotte Friedman is one of the absolute best at what he does and as a result of this article, Oiler fans and media are revisiting the Taylor Hall trade in a painful way, as if to suggest they'd finally just gotten over the trade and now are being tossed back into the fire.

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Here's the Thing

Despite the fact that Friedman's piece brings back memories of a trade that many Oiler fans aren't 100% ready to yet accept, there is absolutely nothing new here that would change the way we should or did feel about this trade before Friedman dropped this proverbial bomb.

You can sit there and say that Oiler GM Peter Chiarelli is more of a boob than you may have already thought he was for trading Hall, but we already knew Edmonton needed a defenseman. We knew the Oilers were not happy with the team dynamic in the dressing room. We knew that the Oilers were an unbalanced team. We also knew that no NHL GM was just going to give away a top-two defenseman for nothing.

Prior Warning Regarding the Larsson Acquisition

Elliott's Quote:

“A few teams asked me about him after I took the job, but we weren’t really interested,” Shero said. “And no one at the deadline asked about Adam at all. I told teams the only way I’m moving him is if it really makes sense. We don’t have to do this.”

Part of what made this trade so hard to fathom is that it sort of came out of nowhere. When Hall was traded, it came as a total shock to fans, but the Oilers knew that to get a defenseman they coveted, whether it be Kevin Shattenkirk, Justin Faulk, Matt Dumba, Tyson Barrie, or P.K. Subban, they were going to have to give up a significant piece.

Friedman goes on to later explain that Chiarelli asked for more, but due to the cap implications that involved the two players salaries, New Jersey wasn't willing to budge. Chiarelli wasn't clueless to the fact that he was giving up the better player in the deal and whether or not you believe that a trade should never be made if you are losing the higher caliber talent, does not mean that in some cases, giving up the better player to create a better team isn't the right way to go. Only time will tell if Chiarelli has done so or not.

Trade Talk Between With Jersey Started Just Before the Draft

This we also knew, or at least were told by Chiarelli. Edmonton had considered moving down in the draft and selecting a defenseman, but upon realizing they could potentially draft Jesse Puljujarvi, decided not to go that route and went back to Larsson where the talks picked up steam.

Some people are plucking from this article that Edmonton decided to trade Hall after the final game of last season, when the Calgary Flames handed the Oilers a 5-0 loss. That Hendrick's refusal to fight was a metaphor for throwing in the towel on the team by its players, coaches and management.

In a way, the reference to the fight makes it feel as though the trade is framed in that sort of light, but it likely just isn't true. The Oilers were well aware of their inefficiencies on defense well before that game and that particular defeat was not the signal of all signals, that Hall was the piece to be moved.

Hall was a Personality in the Room

Elliott's quote: 

"In Hall’s case, a couple of Oilers believe the organization wanted to make it easier for McDavid’s influence to grow in the room. “Taylor’s a dominant personality,” one said. “That’s not a criticism. That’s who he is.”

This is about the closest thing to new information the article delivers on the Hall trade front, but it's not terribly surprising as Hall being a personality in the room was rumoured for a while. Even the Friedman piece, however, hints that it's not as though this was the defining reason for the trade as some Hall haters would like you to believe.

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What we really learn from this quote is that whoever said it believes only one thing that matters moving forward. Connor McDavid is the horse the Oilers want to hitch their wagon too and will be the next captain in Edmonton.

It also reaffirms something we already knew about Chiarelli. He may not want to do it, but he is willing to trade a player who has immense talent if the personality of that player could be hindering the team dynamic. With major reservation he made the move in Boston with Tyler Seguin and he wasn't afraid to make a move here in Edmonton.

New Information

Again, there is nothing new in the Friedman piece we didn't already know. It may seem painful having someone remind us of things that aren't easy to hear, but the news is no different than it was when told to us by Chiarelli or the Oilers players that knew change was on its way.

All we can hope for now is that the Oilers look to make significant moves toward better results in 2016-17. If they don't, people will be looking back at the trade, this article and tweets like the ones listed above showing that it was a terrible move. In that respect I agree.

If you're going to trade your second-best player, you'd better have plans to improve your team in doing so. But this I believed well before Friedman's wondeful article ever came out.

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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  1. First thing who would want pk's contract. Second is Larson was apart of the 2011 draft. The oilers picked rnh that year. I gotta say is i love rnh he is my guy. Potential and well on his way to being one of the best 2 way centers in the game.he is the guy you want out there when your protecting a one goal lead in game 7 with 2 mins left. I would like to see him with the C personally.OK enough of my mancrush on rnh. So anyways the oilers saw two young guys in the season (10\11)before this draft of '11. One was the first overall pick of 2010 which was Taylor hall who had proved he had what it takes to play in the nhl and to be difference maker on the ice aswell. The second guy was eberle with one of the nicest first nhl goal a guy could get. So the point is oilers had two young offensive guys with some great potential for creating some offence. I would say 2 guys that you could build a team around or at least a new foundation for a great team. That season was a bust but there was hope on the horizon because these two fellas were the real deal rookies with a lot of good hockey years in front of them. Now my point is in the 2011 draft there was a defence man who was projected to go high in the draft. Like seriously how many drafts is there that a defence gets picked in the top 3 or 5th for that matter. In not saying there never has but its very few. So what i am saying is the oilers should have picked Larson that year 1st overall. I'm not saying he was the best player in the draft. (Rnh) was the best player. But the oilers need that year was a young defence man to compliment those 2 young offensive gifted forwards from the year before. The oilers weren't in big need of a center they had horcoff and gagner who mind you they didn't turn out how the oilers expected. But they were bonafide nhl players with experience. Gagner was only 25 or 26 and still had a few years of 2c or 3c. While horcoff could still be there 1c. Not the greatest 1c but the oilers had him there so what would have hurt to have him and gagner as your 1 and 2 c for another couple years.maybe pick up a gritty 3c that could pick up 30 points kill penalty and show the guys what it takes to be a nhl player, to show them some leadership through hard work. Sorry i am getting a had of myself. But all im saying is after 2 year of being last they could have had 2 shiney gifted forwards and young defenceman whos playing 20 mins plus in a game. If you play 20mins a game that says alot to me. Nobody plays a guy 20+ mins a game cause he sucks or even mediocre for that fact. So with all said and done im glad it worked out this way(well minus the 6 years in the basement) but in the way that we got the defenceman we needed we got rnh and we got rid of hall which i believe had a whiney attitude which is not good for a leader. If chiarelle and mclennan were there in 2010 whem this all started we wouldnt have mcdavid and hall would have still been in edmonton and us oiler fans would be whining cause all we won was the western conference because we lost to those pesky pengiuns in the stanley cup final