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Gryba Contemplating Offered PTO With the Oilers

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal has broken the news that the Edmonton Oilers have offered a PTO to right-handed defenseman Eric Gryba. It hasn't been officially accepted, but if Gryba can't earn a contract from another NHL team, the Oilers will have Gryba and potentially one other defenseman on a PTO in camp.

The official quote from Matheson is "Chiarelli said the team has offered a tryout to free-agent defenceman Eric Gryba, who played 53 games last season until damaging his knee. The Oilers want to see how younger defencemen Griffin Reinhart, David Musil, Jordan Oesterle and Darnell Nurse fare before committing to Gryba on a new deal. Gryba’s agent Rick Curran said if the defenceman agrees to any tryout, it’ll be here because he knows the players and the coaches and he wouldn’t going in cold to a camp."

If this all plays out as the Oilers are hoping, it sounds a lot like Gryba will be competing with another right-handed defenseman and a stack of younger prospects. In short, Gryba will have to win his old job back. It's not the situation he'd likely have hoped for, but it's an opportunity.

The odds are good that he'll make the most of his chances. He's the type of player the Oilers, specifically Peter Chiarelli, like. He's big, mean, tough and plays responsible defensive hockey. The Oilers would like more offense, but he's not a liability and you know what you're going to get with this player. He's a right-handed shot and the Oilers still don't have enough depth there. It's an advantage that plays well in Gryba's favor. 

The next few days will tell us if Gryba was able to squeeze a guaranteed contract out of another NHL or if he's going to be using the PTO route that seems to be the focus of the hockey news right now. NHL clubs will look to fill out their rosters with low-cost and no guarantee options. 

I'm for one hoping that it pans out for Gryba who I believe has value. His season was shortened last year and his true worth wasn't on display. In the shorter time-frame he had to demonstrate his effectiveness, I think he did so and has more to offer than what we saw. 

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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