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Is Connor McDavid Being Held Pointless in World Cup of Hockey An Issue?

Frankly, this is the dumbest question I'll probably ask all day.

The fact that Connor McDavid hasn't scored or registered a point in the two pre-tournament exhibition games at the World Cup of Hockey is not an issue, but it won't stop people from making it into one. That's the price I guess for being one of the best hockey players in the world —  when you don't score every game, some people will simply assume something is wrong.

The Score Sheets

No, McDavid does not have a point. In fact, he's the only player on team North America to not have been on the ice for a goal in the two team victories. Of all skaters on team North America, he's going to be the last player to register a goal or an assist. (I've provided a fancy chart to go along for visual reference.)

Who Cares?

While some people are quick to point at this as a concern, I'm not one of those people. Sure, I'm drawing some attention to it, but only in the hopes that those worry-worts can take a chill-pill and realize that this is not the end of the world. McDavid is still going to be one of the best players in the NHL this season, he'll still have his 80 to 100 points and he'll still be named captain, hopefully bringing the Oilers to glory over his NHL career.

What He Has Done

McDavid hasn't been silent. No points in two games; doesn't mean, no production in two games. In these two games, he's been in on scoring chances, he's given ten-bell assists to players where the puck just didn't go in and more importantly, he's picked up in the speed and skill department where he left off at the end of last season.

He's showed to be stronger on faceoffs, he's being looked to as a team leader, and, oh ya, he's been one of team North America's best defensive forwards.

When asked about his production, McDavid responded "Ultimately it doesn't matter. We've won twice. That's all that matters. Personally, it's not the kind of start I want to get off to, but it's two games into the year. Why would I worry?" He said something similar at the start of the 2015-16 season with the Oilers when he didn't produce a point in the first couple games. He went on to produce at more than a point-per-game pace over the rest of the season.

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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