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Jacob Trouba has gone public on his desire to be traded from the Winnipeg Jets. His concern is that he's being considered an afterthought on a team that employs Dustin Byfuglien and Tyler Myers on the right side defense and Trouba wants a more prominent role with another organization.

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The news comes only days after Trouba finished his involvement with the North American team at the World of Cup of Hockey, where coincidentally, his coach was Oilers coach Todd McLellan and his GM was Peter Chiarelli. He also spent some time with Connor McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

Of course, I'm being cheeky in suggesting that his involvement with players from the organization has anything to do with Trouba's desire to leave the Jets. It doesn't.  But, could it have an impact on where he'd like to play long-term?

Trouba is an RFA

One of the issues potentially facing Jets' GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is that Trouba is an RFA. The Jets have some control over his contract, but any team who might trade for the defenseman then needs to sign him. Part of any concern in trading for an unknown is how much cap space a team would need to commit to said player.

There is likely a long line of teams that will inquire about Trouba's availability. Chances are, they'll be told Trouba wants north of $5 million per season. What if Trouba wants $6 million? Does that change the quantity of teams making a pitch? It should.

What if Trouba looks more at his ability to play a prominent role with a team than the money that comes with it? Might Trouba look at the Oilers as a team on the upswing? He knows the coach, the GM and two of the stars. He also knows he'd slot in immediately at top-four defense on the right side.

Maybe it's enough to make the Oilers a place that Trouba has interest in. It doesn't mean he can dictate his destination, but if Edmonton knows Trouba wants to sign with the Oilers and is willing to fit his salary demands in on a team that will need to pay Connor McDavid, there may be a middle-ground that becomes a win/win for everyone.

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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  1. Can Chiarelli acquire Trouba without getting fleeced?
    Nill fleeced Chiarelli.
    Snow fleeced Chiarelli.
    Shero fleeced Chiarelli.
    Cheveldayoff doesn't fleece Chiarelli?
    Past performance is the best indicator of future performance.

    1. To play devil's advocate... Chiarelli fleeced Anaheim in the Maroon trade. Chiarelli fleeced Florida in the Nathan Horton trade. Chiarelli fleeced Toronto in the Kessel trade. He got Recchi in a trade with Tampa... every GM has good and bad trades. The Seguin trade wasn't his best and we don't know how the Larsson trade will turn out yet, but early consensus is, the return wasn't enough. We'll have to see how the season turns out before we can really judge that trade.

    2. Also there was mention Chia was forced to trade Seguin. Orders from above.


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