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Tampa Releases Wisniewski from PTO

The Edmonton Oilers extended a PTO (professional tryout) to James Wisniewski this summer. Instead, of coming to the Oilers, he chose the Tampa Bay Lightning. Today we learned that the Lightning have released Wisniewski from his tryout and it could be salary cap related, it could be rust or it could be that his knee, which was a worry for many NHL teams, isn't 100%.

We may never know what the issue in Tampa was, but it may create an opportunity for another NHL team, including the Edmonton Oilers.

Power Play Specialist 

It's been pretty clear the Oilers miss the threat of a shot from the point. The Oilers power play over the previous two preseason games has gone 1-for-10 and it's an issue that the Oilers will certainly want to address prior to the regular season. Whether that be finding an internal solution during the rest of camp, or going outside the franchise and bringing in a blueliner who can shoot the puck.

That is the type of specialty Wisniewski brings to a team. He's not the best defensively, he's not the fastest, but you can put him on the first unit power play and you know he'll shoot the puck and put up some points for you.


If Wisniewski's struggles were not injury related, could we see the Oilers once again get in touch with Wisniewski and invite him to camp? Edmonton potentially gives him the best opportunity for NHL employment, albeit in a limited role. He could fit into a couple games toward the end of preseason and his stats in Tampa weren't terrible. 

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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