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Yakupov to Chicago a Done Deal?

It's catching on like crazy that the Edmonton Oilers and Nail Yakupov are close to a deal that would send Nail Yakupov to the Chicago Blackhawks. Speculation on the return varies, from Edmonton needing to take back some salary, to Edmonton getting no roster players in return.

Ryan a.k.a The Barstool Chief, a Chicago hockey blogger for Barstool Sports first broke the story and then TSN's Bob McKenzie picked it up. Then Mark Spector added his two cents and after that, it was everywhere. 

Some suggest that the Oilers will retain salary in the deal and are simply dumping the player. If so, this is going to get Yakupov supporters fired up. I, for one, am not in the camp of simply dumping this player. 

No, he has not been what he's projected to be and no, maybe he doesn't deserve to be handed a first-line spot to get him going, but I saw some good things in the most recent preseason game where Yakupov was paired with Draisaitl and there could be a player there — at least one better than spare parts, which is what his market value looks to be. 

More to come as news breaks...

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