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McDavid Blasts Brandon Manning Post-Game

Following Thursday's loss to the Flyers, Connor McDavid didn't hold back after finding out that the apparently unintentional tripping that caused him to miss three months last season wasn't, after all, unintentional. Manning suggested during the game that he intended to trip McDavid and the result was a very distraught Oilers captain, who had a lot to say both during and after the game.

The often bland and subdued McDavid was emotional and to the point, calling Manning classless and unwilling to stand up to McDavid and his teammates.

Manning has of course denied saying such things. Admitting so would be a terrible career move. Instead, he's opted to rebut McDavid's comments telling media that McDavid chirped the Flyers bench all night and had some sort of vendetta against him for something that was clearly an accident.

McDavid didn't specify on the comments themselves, but whatever was said, must have been enough to get under the skin of the often calm and unwavering superstar. Nazem Kadri was all over McDavid earlier this year and the result was not a peep from the McDavid camp. This was not that McDavid.

The next meeting between these two teams should lead to fireworks.

The World Weighs In

When things like this happen in hockey, people will take a side. There are a lot of folks today calling McDavid a whiner and a privileged crybaby. Those people are mostly not Oiler fans. They are comparing him to Sidney Crosby, another superstar who gets targeted a lot by other players and often has a lot to say to opponents and referees on and off the ice.

Others are glad to see McDavid isn't holding back and finally coming out of his shell. He's becoming a much more vocal leader who wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his mind. The quiet McDavid was anything but quiet.on Thursday and former players like Wayne Gretzky don't mind one bit.

An Unfortunate Situation

While entertaining, whatever was said and McDavid's response are unfortunate. It shows that players like McDavid are still the target of others and that in targeting them, players like Manning will step over the line, putting the NHL's superstars at risk. To hear that they may be doing so intentionally is bad for the league.

With the rule changes that don't allow players to police themselves and take care of business, this is a trend that will likely get worse before it gets better.

But, who cares what I think right? For now, I'll just keep my mouth shut until I feel like spilling my guts again.

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