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After 10 long years, the Edmonton Oilers after heading to the playoffs! And, no matter how many buttholes try to reign on the parade by sarcastically suggesting that it's about time and after winning lottery after lottery, they can stick it... the Oilers are once again a playoff team.
But, I suppose, as Edmontonians, we understand the feeling of disappointment and bitterness. For so long, fans here were left out and sitting on the sidelines watching. In Wyshynski's case, he's a Devil's fan, which must be extra disheartening. Not only are they not in, but former Oiler Taylor Hall is once again disappointed in having to wait another year and in the process, Devil's fans hear him chat more about the Oilers than he does his own team.

Blah, blah, blah... all that is now old news.

How They Got There

Despite a decade of no postseason action, how Edmonton made it to this point is not rocket science. First, the team got lucky and was able to draft Connor McDavid. Edmonton fans should never forget that. The Oilers are a better team, but it all starts with the fact a lottery ball fell the Oilers way.

Second, once Edmonton landed what could be the best player in hockey, the team added size and grit around him. It was important that not only would McDavid feel free to do what he does and have protection around him, but management understood that to compete in a heavy Western Conference, the Oilers needed to be bigger and nastier.

Third, Edmonton took the time to land a starting goaltender. No more wasting years on aging veterans or potential backups. The Oilers did their research, chose their target and traded for Cam Talbot. It could have gone another way, but it worked out.

Finally, the moved offense to build a better defense.

Now for the Hard Part

Alright Edmonton, you're in. Now the work begins. Win the Pacific Division and earn yourself home ice advantage. Now that you're in, don't let the game and the standings come to you, take your game to the standings and try to give yourself every advantage possible.

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