About - The Oil Spill Blog

About - The Oil Spill Blog

Hey readers (Oil Spill Guts Lovers...),

My name is Jim Parsons. I'm a successful business owner in the city of Edmonton and Calgary, most notably as the Owner/President of a company called Equinox Sound & Entertainment Inc.

I love sports, having played a few of them, including some semi-competitive basketball, golf, and baseball. My wife was a college hockey player, but I myself never actually played the game at a competitive level. Yet, of all the sports I love, I love watching hockey, specifically the Edmonton Oilers, most.

The Oilers Network (oilersnetwork.com) is a mix of my favorite posts and blogs from around the Oilogosphere and some opinion pieces from me. I like to refer to these opinion based articles as "spilling my guts" - my Oiler guts - hence the title of this blog "Oil Spill".

Spilling my guts is all about getting it out and releasing my inner emotion over my favorite team. I write whenever I feel I have something to share. Sometimes it's daily, other times it's a few times a month, but I write when I feel like writing and that's the fun.

I could be mad at the team, mad at management, mad at fans, mad at other media for their treatment of the team.., or I could be proud of any of the above. In a way, it's therapeutic. As a business owner, there are a ton of benefits, but I'm busy all the time. (did I mention I have two kids?)... Writing is a way to take a break and unwind.

As a reader, you don't have to care what I think. I even say as much at the top of this site. "I mean, who really cares what I think right?" Sometimes I write about more than the Oilers. For me, it's more about the writing and less about the topic.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll find the spilling of my guts entertaining. Or, maybe you'll use this site to link to other Oilers and sports related writers who I think deserve to be read and opinions should count for something. Who knows, maybe you'll join me and spill your guts too.

Thanks for reading,