Hire Us - Freelance Writing Available

Hire Us - Freelance Writing Available

Need a freelance writer for your website or blog?

He may not look like much, but Jim Parsons is an experienced writer with a huge passion for hockey, sports, education, pop culture and other topics.

As a published writer on Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, and guests spots on other blogs in many different industries, Jim might be the right fit for your website or blog to keep content fresh and exciting!

Hiring Jim means you're hiring someone who thinks a bit outside the box, but also someone who brings with him an established resume and an editing team for a polished, finished product.

Contact Jim today and let him guest write for you. Jim's policy is that the first article is always free to prove what he can provide. After that, any money you spend; should be money well spent.

Check out some of Jim's published work:

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